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This t-shirt comes from Alta Gracia Apparel. As the only certified Living Wage apparel company in the developing world, Alta Gracia ensures the people making your clothes can provide their families with all of life's necessities, LETS CHANGE CLOTHES! See below for more information.



    What makes Alta Gracia Apparel Life Changing?

    Proceeds from your purchase provide hope and a pathway out of poverty for the people and their families who make this clothing.

    What makes Alta Gracia Apparel Life Changing?

    We guarantee each employee receives wages and benefits to cover the cost of meeting a families needs for all of life's necessities. Including

    • Food and water
    • Childcare
    • Clothing
    • Education
    • Healthcare
    • Housing and energy
    • Transportation

    Alta Gracia pays wages that are 340% higher than required by law. This wage is established by the WRC (Workers Rights Consortium) and is called a "Living Wage." 

    The Alta Gracia Difference

    Apparel responsibly made in the Dominican Republic. At Alta Gracia, we make clothes the right way.

    That starts with paying people a wage that supports a quality standard of living. We pay our workers 2.5 times the industry standard and 3.5 times the Dominican minimum wage. This supports education for children, housing developments, and reliable transportation. Additionally, we provide healthcare, protection from discrimination and abuse, and the freedom to unionize.

    These rights and protections not only benefits our workers and their families but result in higher quality clothes. It's a difference you can feel and a choice you can feel good about.

    Since our founding in 2010, Alta Gracia has become trusted as the leader in socially conscious apparel at over 600 colleges and universities. Along the way, we've found out just how much truly caring translates to a product that's better (made with pride, stylish, ethical, comfy) for all of us. Over the last 5 years, Alta Gracia employees have been paid $6.6 million in payroll. It's a life-changing amount that's making a positive impact for our employees, their families, and the community of Alta Gracia. 

    Providing hope and a pathway out of poverty

    Alta Gracia is the only apparel company that pays a defined Living Wage to all our workers. Thanks to your outstanding support, we have been able to provide these additional benefits:

    • A Co-op providing low interest loans to workers. These loans will allow the workers to make longer-term investments in their families, homes, and the community.
    • In conjunction with Microsoft we established a "Learning Center" in the community to help students improve their skills for furthering their education.
    • In conjunction with our partners, we provide school supplies every year to children in the community.
    • In addition to personal health insurance, Alta Gracia provides the opportunity for¬†full family coverage.
    • Every year¬†Alta Gracia pays for two major Pro Health campaigns¬†with the support of the insurance companies.


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