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TLP Quilted Face Masks (100% Profits Donated to COVID-19)

Product image 1TLP Quilted Face Masks (100% Profits Donated to COVID-19)
Product image 2TLP Quilted Face Masks (100% Profits Donated to COVID-19)
Product image 3TLP Quilted Face Masks (100% Profits Donated to COVID-19)
Product image 4TLP Quilted Face Masks (100% Profits Donated to COVID-19)
Product image 5TLP Quilted Face Masks (100% Profits Donated to COVID-19)

Regular price $13.99 Sale price $19.99

Selling for a limited time only. Pre-order today!!

Shipping will take to 7-10 days once our community order is submitted. 

100% of the profits will be donated to Catholic Relief Services as they respond to the world’s most vulnerable communities—distributing soap and hygiene kits, and sharing prevention messages that help minimize risk.

Dimensions (approx)

Elastic Fitting
Medium - 4.9" height - 4.7" elastic at each end, looped (Email thelivingperson@gmail if you would like a medium. I personally sampled the medium size and they are too small for adults. I started talking with it on and it started to come off my mouth a little bit. It covers my entire face BUT the point is NOT to touch it and adjust it. For that reason, I'm only selling size Large.)
Large - 5.5" height - 5.1" elastic at each end, looped

Height: Select the height that will best cover your mouth and nose 
Width: One size fits all. 

Please note: these face masks are NOT medical grade masks (which are recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) as an infection preventative measure, i.e. grade FFP2/N95). So please DO NOT purchase these face masks with the false understanding they will prevent infection from Corona virus. Please wash your mask regularly, ideally daily, to keep it fresh and hygienic.

*As each printed face mask is handmade to order, we would advise that you wash them before use. These masks last for up to 100 washes, and can be washed at up to 140°F to keep your mask hygienic. 

Care instruction

Machine washable and completely re-usable. Wash up to 60°C temperature. Air drys quickly.



These masks are being manufactured from Contrado's mission is to reduce landfill through responsible end-to-end production and increase consciousness of sustainability & eco-friendliness of their customers. Each piece is made to order and hand made. All materials are produced locally. They also have water-free manufacturing and printing processes. The inks are eco-friendly. They have no gas supplied to our premises at all. 

Contrado has a range of 100% vegan, natural and organic products as well as items that we produce from recycled material. They source their materials from the EU where possible and use FSC certified materials.

Contrado stopped shipping their fabric waste to be added to landfill and instead offers the fabric remnants free to crafters and DIY-ers who wanted a creative challenge. The offcuts then get repurposed and "some of the results have been amazing."

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