A.M.D.G. Woven Bracelet

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These are woven and made to order in the United States. Materials for this bracelet are also made in the United States.

AMDG is an abbreviation for Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam and is popularly translated to "For the Greater Glory of God"

"AMDG declares that God is glorified by what I'm doing, even if it seems futile and meaningless. At the same time, it's a profoundly humble claim: the meekest work, even work that seems far removed from the spiritual realm, can give glory to God."

"Ad majorem Dei gloriam captures several of the central ideas of Ignatian spirituality-the conviction that God can be found in all things, the desire to find union with God through the work we do, and the importance of seeking the choice that will give God the greater glory."

AMDG for me is the simplest reminder that God is with me. It's a reminder that everything around me is charged and filled with God's grace.

When I was younger I felt like I had to be in a physical church to pray but AMDG helped me to understand that my little actions in everyday life could also give glory to God.

Gerard Manley Hopkins wrote, "It's not only prayer that gives glory to God but work." When I find myself doing dishes at home, when I find myself spending hours on zoom, when I prepare tonight's dinner with family and friends, when I exercise... all these things--when I dedicated them to God--can give glory to God and when you live this way your life becomes a prayer. I find it to be so life-giving and beautiful.

Opening Paragraph by Jim Manney in
“Ignatian Spirituality A to Z.”
Published by Loyola Press, A Jesuit Ministry

Personal reflection by Jurell Sison

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